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Jazz @ The Museum, with
João Frade Trio

Sunday 21st January, 17:00

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Presentation of his latest CD Cantos e Lamentos

Saturday 27th January, 18:00


This Month's Agenda

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Linhas e Läs (Needlework Group)

Algarve Archaeological Assoc.

Two people can sing at the same time, but not talk at the same time

Coro dos Amigos

Stimulating The Appetite!

Aperitivo Performance Group

Museu do Trajo

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Card Making Classes (every Monday from 8th January, 2:30 pm-5:00 pm)

Emma can’t wait to teach you how to make fun and beautiful greeting cards. Each week will focus on a different style, occasion or technique, and you will go home with several finished cards. All materials and tools will be provided. Across the weeks we will be exploring die-cutting, stamping, embossing, mixed media and much more. Beginners welcome.

Booking is essential: Members 12.50 €, Non-members 14.50 €


Email: emmaportugal@yahoo.com or telephone 918 646 820 to book or for more information.

Nature Printing Course (six week course every Friday from 9th February, 1.00 pm-5.00 pm)

The term ‘Nature Printing’ embraces a variety of printmaking techniques. Fresh and preserved flora and fauna will be used during this course, as well as silicone ‘life-forms’ which have been cast directly from natural objects.

The focus of this course will be on the ‘direct’ technique and is suitable for of all levels of ability including those with no previous experience of printmaking. Participants will also learn about colour, composition, printing techniques, printmaking materials, inks and a selection of western and oriental papers and how to finish and sign prints.

Rachel Ramirez is an artist printmaker with many years of experience in fine art printmaking and teaching. She has a masters degree from the RCA, London and a PhD from Porto University, where her thesis explored the Japanese printmaking technique, Gyotaku.

For more information, visit www.rachelramirezprints.weebly.com

Yoga-Lyengar (every Tuesday from 23rd January, 7.00 pm-8.30 pm

Yoga is a lifelong tool that helps you change habitual patterns physically and mentally.

Teaching us to become more aware of our own needs by taking time to explore the inner world of you through following the movement of your breath. The more we practice the more we release ourselves from tension, pain and discomfort leading us into relaxation and meditation.

Lyengar Yoga differs from the other styles of Yoga by three key elements: technique, sequence and timing it promotes. Through the practice of this methodology it aims to unite the body, mind and spirit for health and well-being.

First class free.

Dance Fitness (Wednesdays from 10th January 10.45 am until 11.15 am)

An opportunity to do exercise in a funny and relaxed session by the sound of the Greatest Hits of the 80’s and 90’s.

Fee 3 €

Info: 917 385 409


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  • Would you like to talk to an expert whilst checking your PC?
  • Malware and virus removal.
  • Disk clean up.
  • Memory check and much more!

One to one computer clean up for a fixed price of only 20 €

Tuesday mornings (by appointment).

BEHIND THE SCENES (Every 4th Wednesday 15:00 - 289 840 100)

We aim to be explore every corner of the Museum, the collections it houses, the people who work there, its projects, its successes and failures, strong and weak points, in short: the bare bones of the Museum. All this will take place once a month under the guidance of the Museum’s Director, Emanuel Sancho....A challenge for all of us to take on. Reservations necessary, max 10 persons per group.


  • Art Exhibition: Works by Yvonne van Dreven, Manuel Fé Santos, Guida Vaz, Yaida Abbasi and Juan Antonio Puebla Arias (from 13th January until 5th March) - New Gallery

  • Photography Exhibition by Algarve Photographers Group: Free Choice (24th November until 24th January) - Old Gallery: Costume Museum

  • Photography Exhibition by Algarve Photographers Group: Abstract Photography (from 26th January) - Old Gallery: Costume Museum

  • New Gallery Opening Times: Monday - Sundays and holidays 2.00pm - 5.00pm
    Galeria do Museu Opening Times: Monday-Friday 10.00am - 5.00pm; Sat/Sun +2.00pm - 5.00pm