Saturday 12



Art Opening Preview
Art works by Zélia Ferreira, Philip Lunn, Luísa Arbiol, Eliza Hafer, Vítor Santos
Until 4 March 2019



Sunday 13




Portuguese Traditional Dance and Charolas



Friday 18



Story telling

Sunday 20



Jazz Club presents Boreas
This project is centered on the revision, through original arrangaments, of songs which are part of the popular culture and have been strong influences for the members of Boreas. In their first recording In my Life, we find eight masterpieces by The Beatles treated from the sight of a group of musicians very often immersed in the jazz lands and improvisation arenas.

Álvaro Vieito- guitars
Xan Campos-piano
Luis Salto-double bass
Jesús Pazos- drums



Friday 25



Photography Opening Preview “ Pattern & Symmetry”, by Algarve Photographers Group
Until 27 March 2019


Sunday 27




Fado Night with guest fadistas