September 2021    

Saturday, 4 September until 15 January 2022




"Ares de Mesa” de Jorge Cerqueira 

This exhibition is part of the Festival FOME, Festival de Objectos e Marionetas & Outros Comeres

Gastronomic experience 15 and 22 September 18h



Saturday 11





Latin Wave - Latin-American rhythms 

Performance of the Venezuelan dance group Araguaney

19:30h Dance Tuition (free)
20h Concert

Tickets: 10€/8€ Friends of the Museum

Bar available
Latin food  themed by Sunshine Catering
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Friday 17



Puppet show "Consonância"

This project that brings together two arts that have in common improvisation and the consonance of free movement in musicality and theatricality.

In the year  in which the traditional itinerant Portuguese puppet theater entered Portugal's Intangible Heritage list, José Gil, the performer of this theater from the 18th century, joins pianist Daniel Bernardes on an adventure of sounds and movements, creating an abstract reality in a traditional theatrical parallel with sounds of modernity, creating an unlikely game between a piano and Teatro Dom Roberto.

The presentation includes the pieces "O Barbeiro", "A Tourada", "O Castelo dos Fantasmas", "A Rosa e os Três Namorados" and "O Saloio de Alcobaça".


Free entrance

Saturday 18



Art Opening Preview - Art works by Lídia Almeida Art Academy

Welcome drink


Free entrance





Saturday 25, Sunday 26



Aperitivo performance "Roll up Roll up" 

Tickets: 8€/7€ Friends of the Museum

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Wednesday 29



"Portugal and the colonial wars 1961-1974". Sixty years ago, Portugal started three colonial wars in Africa under Salazar. They ended with the fall of the Salazar / Caetano dictatorship in 1974. What effects did the wars in Angola, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau have? What did they mean inside the metropolis: for the Portuguese, for the Portuguese economy and for the dictatorial conditions? And: In what way were the two German states, the then FRG and the GDR involved?

Talk in German