Located in the tranquil gardens of the Museu do Traje in São Brás de Alportel, the Amigos do Museu is a multicultural organisation which exists to serve the areas' variety of communities with a programme of regular weekly activities and monthly special events.

The 'Amigos' is staffed and supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, many working in discrete groups, who assist in the planning, preparation and delivery of the scores of entries in the year's calendar, which is always full of cross-cultural interests including art, dance, music and photography.

Continually seeking to draw together as many of the communities as possible, there are always opportunities for members to assist in the day-to-day operation of the organisation, and for those with unique skills or talents to contribute in other ways with suggestions or presentations of new activities for the Amigos.

Whether wishing to set up a stall at a craft fair or merely seeking a contemplative coffee in the gardens, the benefits of membership include discounts when attending anything in the extensive schedule and special privileges with many local public and private service providers. We are 'open' digitally all of the time and physically during weekdays for people to make contact with us, whether for membership, concert ticket reservations or any further information.

Monthly newsletters and emails keep the membership fully informed about what to expect upon their visit to the museum, and at the Amigos office we have a lending library for books and DVDs in many languages.

With our own choir and a variety of theatrical and musical groups incorporating a wide range of instruments, artistic classes from painting to mosaics, a bridge club, Portuguese language lessons, talks on Portuguese history, art and literature, fauna, flora and archaeology (delivered in English and a variety of languages), visits to sites of historical, scientific and general interest, spiritual and physical sessions from Yoga to Zumba, there is something of interest to almost everyone.

Welcome all, Amigos do Museu.


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