New Activities

Ballet for adults for fun - Ignite your childhood passion!

Fridays 10:30-11:30h

Starts 9 July

Tap dance for adults for fun - A totally tapping tonic for all!

Mondays 10-11h

Starts 5 July

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For more information:


Gordon 912 836 439




Performance Group


“Aperitivo” - a multicultural theatre group which performs plays in a variety of languages. The group has performed a wide range of plays that includes tragedy and comedy with a twist. Aperitivo welcomes new members.

For more information:

967 227 473





Art Classes


Our art group consists of seasoned artists who have attended art classes. The group meets once a week to develop their own styles in various medias such as oils, acrylic and watercolours. Come and join us in our studio atmosphere!

For more information:

281 971 632










An international group that sings in various languages, and the repertoire includes songs from the Renaissance and Baroque eras, as well as both traditional Portuguese folk songs and works by Portuguese composers. The choir has given solo performances in many cities in the Algarve as well as collaborating with other choral and instrumental groups.

For more information:

925 346 021






Keep Fit


Keep Fit 50+  combines a mix of cardio fitness and strengthening legs, arms, tummy, bottom and back to the amazing sound of music from the 80’s, 90’s  and latin music.

Keep Fit 70+ is a "keep mobile" class which trains flexibility, mobility, coordination and balance with smooth and kind movements and stretching of all joints and important muscles to classical music.

For more information:

917 385 409







Needlework Group


Communicating through needle and thread facilitates easy bonding and provides a relaxed and happy atmosphere in the group. The more experienced needlecrafters in the group will happily assist by sharing their knowledge thus helping you all to acquire a great variety of needlework skills. A great opportunity to get together and enjoy needlework.

For more information: 966 329 073








Pilates is a mat exercise program that focuses on the body’s powerhouse: the

abdominals and back muscles, from which all of our core strength originates.

This is the key to improve balance and alignment, and can relieve or even eliminate sources of back pain. The low-impact stretches and exercises build stronger bones, more flexible muscles, and a more harmonious body.

For more information:

Day classes 967 610 973

Evening classes 919 217 894





19:30h - 20:30h




Portuguese for foreigners


Would you like to learn Portuguese and join our friendly group session at the Museum? We hold various levels from beginners to conversation that meet on a weekly basis and now also online.


For more information:

Lessons at the museum 918 415 566





All levels online


Tai Chi


Practicing Chi Kung and Tai Chi improves and strengthens the circulation of energy in the body; it optimizes all the functions of the organism making it simultaneously stronger and more relaxed. Its rejuvenating power, both physical and mental, has been proven. Practicing these arts lowers blood pressure, and has a beneficial effect on the joints, circulation, muscles and the immune system ... and all this happens without stress or tension.

For more information:

924 243 887











Vinyasa yoga practice focused on alignment, breathing and focus. Suitable for all. Bring your Yoga mat.


Iyengar Yoga follows traditional methods where special attention is paid to precision and alignment in the performance of postures aiming to develop strength, mobility and stability.

For more information:

Vinyasa yoga 915 803 182

Iengar yoga 918 057 113



Tuesday and Thursday





10h30 - 12h 





For more information:

914 752 495











It is beneficial for the body and mind and improves the quality of life, both physically and psychologically. Join us for a up lifting experience!

For more information:

967 742 930






Courses and Workshops

Art course

Mondays 5, 12, 19, 26 10:30-13:30h

Tuition: 140€ (all materials provided)

Space limited: max 5 students


Art course designed for beginners and those who feel they may entrance their work by experiencing a fundamental approach.

(including drawing, linear perspective, properties of colour, painting still life, urban and rural compositions)

the course is taught by Richard Hoke MA., Art Education, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere located in the Museum of São Brás de de Alportel


Workshop Paint a Pot

Friday 16 July 10-13h


This workshop is a 3 hour event allowing you to take your time to come up with your own design idea and decorate a bowl or cup provided by us. You can choose simple stripes to a picture of your favourite pet or even some meaningful words. Have fun using our selection of brushes and vibrant colours to personalise your chosen piece of pottery. After you are done we take the items to our studio add a clear food safe glaze and fire them to stoneware temperatures. Meaning you get back a high quality, durable and functional piece of pottery! To enjoy for years to come.


In this workshop we welcome complete beginners to experienced artists anyone can do it.

All you need is your imagination....we've got everything else!


 Booking necessary

Ben and Nadrali Ceramics 

918431446 / 920380485

See our work on:

Instagram Ben&Nadrali

Facebook Ben&Nadrali Ceramics


Light percussion: A workshop for all ages using light percussion instruments

The objective being:

- to arouse awareness in a playful way.

- to discover a variety of percussion instruments including drumming with glasses, balls, sticks, cones, clubs, drums, shells and lids, as a form of musical animation.

- to understand and analyze rhythmic games.

- to use hands and voice as musical instruments.

- to experience working and socialising in a group.


What it entails:

Concentration, listening to and practising the musical language of different ethnic rythms, for example; Ze Pereira, salsa, samba, baiao, rhymes, and songs in a round.

Principals of basic rhythms such as pulsation, phrasing and polyrhythmias.

Equilibrium, stability, corporal balance and precision.



Your teacher:

Ines Pinto Machado studied music at the Conservatorio de Musica de Lisboa as well as Lisboa Hot Club school of Jazz.

She has travelled widely in Europe and South America where she worked with percussion musicians.

With all her knowledge and experience she has developed a practical and functional way of teaching people of all ages in a playful manner.

With this new project “BAILE DA PERCUSSÃO”, she would like to share her knowledge, as well as all the emotions, well-being and good feelings that music / percussion brings to those who practice it!


Wednesdays at 15:00h.

As places are limited. Click here to book!